Nanoleaf LED Light Panels - Aurora Rhythm Starter Kit

  • $198.99

Customize your lighting experience with Nanoleaf LED panels. The design, brightness, colors, and patterns can all be customized and personalized through the Nanoleaf app for Android or Apple iOS (version 8 or newer). The included Rhythm module allows the colors and patterns of the lights to react and shift to sounds and music. Arrange the panels in any design and easily connect and mount them with the included connectors and tape. You can also activate the panels with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or the included controller. Easy to set up, easy to use. Let your creativity flow! Connect up to 30 panels!!! (expansion kits and extra connectors sold separately). 


  • Customize colors, brightness, light patterns to create personalized "scenes"
  • Lights and patterns react to sound and music through the Rhythm module 
  • Connect the panels in any shape you want
  • Easy setup, attach the panels, download and connect to the app, and go!
  • Control the system through an app or activate with Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or included controller

Rhythm Starter Kit includes:

  • 9 Triangle LED Light Panels
  • Power supply
  • Controller and Rhythm Module
  • Panel connectors
  • Adhesive strips for wall-mounting
  • Instructions

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