F210-3D FPV RTF Walkera Racing Quad, W/ Devo 7, VTX, Camera, OSD, Battery & Charger

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The battery of the F210 3D edition with super capacity has high rate discharge performance. Optimized Li-po electric core and TX76 seamless integration make the flight time longer and the flight safer.

Standard equidistant axis design

Standard axis equidistant design for better agility and flexibility, faster and easier to fly.

Modular design to break stereotypes

A combination modular design makes the F210 3D edition safe, anti-crash, easy to install and disassemble. With the latest F3 Flight system, the professional speed controller, and 5.8G image transmission the flier sets the speed freely. By selecting and combining modules, the flier can DIY the F210 3D Edition to different products, which can meet the different demands of various fliers.

Anti-collision and ruggedness

The bow design, based on anti-collision and anti-drop mechanics, reduce the impact of surface damage to a minimum, ensure the safety of normal flight.

Night Vision HD Camera