Omega LinkR-LT1 Smartphone Control & Vehicle Tracking System

Omega LinkR-LT1 Smartphone Control & Vehicle Tracking System

  • $139.99

The LINKR-M1 is a smartphone vehicle control & tracking interface. It can also be installed at your home or business for DIY alarm monitoring.

GPS tracking is no longer a premium service!

• Choose up to 5 Alert Recipients
• Alarm trigger alert
• Low vehicle battery alert (voltage drops below 11v for more than 30 seconds)
• Security fence (Anti-tow alert)
• Speed alert (exceed threshold for more than 30 seconds)
• Geo-fence alerts (enter & exit)
• Lost GPS alert warns when the device has lost GPS signal for more than 5 minutes

• Lock your vehicle
• Unlock your vehicle
• Remote start/stop (optional remote start required)
• Trunk release
• Engine disable
• 2 optional auxiliary functions
• Control multiple devices from one app

• Auto-track from every 1-30 days
• 2 minute auto-track w/ Panic
• Heartbeat/Auto-track
• Two selectable Geo-fences

• Compatible with Android and iOS
• Supports multiple devices (virtually no limit)
• Supports 6 languages (more coming soon)
    - English
    - Español
    - Français
    - Romana
    - Cрпски
    - Malay
• Selectable app skin per device
• Easy swipe between devices
• Devices can be set for 'Alert Only' mode - ideal for home/business alarm monitoring
• Choose custom images & names for each device
• In-app purchases available
• Installer setup & test is done directly from the App. PC not required.

• 3 outputs & 3 trigger inputs
• Dedicated data port interface for any 30-70 series Excalibur system - Uses iDatalink protocol
• Panic button included
• Built-in backup battery (up to 3hrs of extended use when power is lost)