Soundstream RC6 6.5" 2-way Component Speaker System

Soundstream RC6 6.5" 2-way Component Speaker System

RC 6
  • $119.99

6.5" 2-way Component System
200W RMS/400W Max
Efficiency: 96dB
Mounting Depth:

When it comes to making a component speaker worth putting on your shopping list, you have to think outside of the box. That’s what we do at Soundstream, and that is exactly what we did with the RC.6.
These components use non-traditional driver material to be innovative but also sound amazing. Everyone knows paper sounds better, but we use an aerated paper cone for a lighter, stronger cone which products in a very natural sound.
The tweeter in this set uses a PST (Puffed Silk Tweeter), that results in the strongest and lightest silk tweeter on the market without adding any weight, thus being more efficient.
Painstakingly engineered, the RC.6 crossover features the highest quality components to create the purest signal path possible for seamless, phase coherent blending of the speaker component so you can enjoy the purest audio reproduction possible in an automotive application.


2.00” Machined Aluminum Housing
PST (Puffed Silk Tweeter Technology)
0.5” Mounting Depth

6.5” Mid-woofer
APC (Aerated PaperCone Technology)
Cast Aluminum Frame
Nickel Plated Spring Terminals
2.5” Mounting Depth